Saturday, November 14, 2009

Olongapo City Philippines Location

Olongapo City is geographically located at 140°-15 longitude and 120°-17’ latitude and lies 127 kilometers northwest of Manila. It is a two and a half to three hour drive on the average, along the North Expressway and the Olongapo-Gapan Road. It is located at the southern most portion of Zambales Province, on the western coast of Central Luzon. It is bound on the northeast by the Municipality of Subic, Zambales; on the south and south by Dinalupihan, Bataan; on the Southeast by Morong, Bataan; and Subic Bay on the Southwest.

Because of the massive mountain system that characterize the area of the City, its topography is primarily rolling to steep and rugged along mountain ranges. Of its total area, about 80% are either rolling to steep and the rest are mainly flat areas which are usually found along the coast of Subic Bay.

There are two major mountain ridges, the Kalaklan Ridge and the Salimpuyo Ridge both 1,000 feet above sea level. Kalaklan Ridge is located at the northwest part of the city and its tip goes down to Subic Bay while Salimpuyo Ridge is located at the western side of the city. Almost 80% of the city’s land areas have slopes of 18% and higher thus limiting land available for urban development

  • Total Land Area - 18,500 hectares or 185.000 square meters
  • Built Up Area - 2,379.01 hectares or 13.0% of total land Area
  • Barangays - 17
  • Population - 250,710 (Proj. based on the 2000 NSO Census)
  • Growth Rate - 1.68%
  • No. of Households - 43,107 (2000 NSO Survey)
  • Urban Rural Distribution - 100%
  • Male - 49.18% of the total population
  • Female - 50.82% of the total population
    1. Based on the 2000 NSO Survey)
  • Population Density - (2002) - 13.55 persons/hectares;
  • Urban Density - 106.57 persons/hectare

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