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Office of the City Mayor       Hon. James “Bong” Gordon, Jr. – City Mayor
Contact No. (047) 222-2565(lani)/ 222-2232 (mel)
Email ( )
 The City Mayor exercises general supervision, control and enforcement of laws and ordinances relative to the effective governance and implementation of approved policies, programs, projects and activities of the City Government.
 The Office of the City Mayor provides staff support to the City Mayor in the exercise of his over-all leadership in political, social and economic activities of the City

Office of the City Vice Mayor                   Hon. Rolen Paulino – Vice Mayor
Contact No. (047) 222-2564

 The Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panglungsod and signs recommending approval of appointments of personnel under the SP and all warrants drawn in the City Treasury for all expenditures appropriated for the operation of the SP. The Office prepares and issues certified true copies of ordinances, resolutions, memoranda and notices of Sanggunian committee and public hearings.

Office of the City Administrator   Mr. Fernando M. Magrata – City Administrator
Contact No. (047) 223-9244
Email (
The City Administrator exercises general supervision in coordinating the various thrusts and programs of the City departments and offices and personnel management and administration.

The Office provides staff support in the exercise of the over-all duties and functions of the City Administrator.

  City Planning and Development Office        Engr. Marivic J. Nierras – OIC, CPDO
Contact No. (047) 223-7066; 222-3302 local 4213
Email ( )
The Head of the City Planning and Development Office is in charge in the formulation of comprehensive plans and programs and monitors and/or evaluate the implementation of different development programs in accordance with the approved plan.
The Office formulates integrated economic, social, physical and other development programs and projects for consideration and approval of the City Mayor and the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

City Budget Office                   Ms. Marey Beth D. Marzan, OIC
Contact No. (047) 222-2560
Email ( )
Presides over local government budget administration, including annual budget preparation of the City government and performs inherent functions pursuant to the New Government Accounting System.

Office of the City Accountant          Mr. Dennis R. Martinez – City Accountant
Contact No. (047) 224-8385
Email ( )
Performs accounting and internal audit services functions of all revenues, receipts and disbursement of the City government, including  the installation and maintenance of a local internal audit system.

Office of the City Treasury          Mr. Marcelino D. Andawi – City Treasurer
Contact No. (047) 222-2632; 222-2607
Email (  )
The Office is tasks to implement the city tax ordinance to collect all taxes due to the local government unit and to take custody and exercise proper management of the funds and dispense/disburse the same in accordance with lawful appropriation.

Business Permit and Licensing Office   Mr. Neal C. Perez – Chief of Office
(Investment Promotions Office)
Contact No. (047) 222-2553
Email ( )
In charge in the processing of Business Permits for the various establishments  located in the City and promotes, pursues and implements plans and programs to create business-friendly environment and attracts further investments in the City of Olongapo.

City Legal Office      – City Legal Officer
Contact No. (047) 222-2552
Email (  )
Provides legal advice, assistance and support to the City Mayor; represents the City in all legal suits where it is a party and renders opinion on any question of law.

Office of the City Assessor         Mr. Oscar DG. Agustin – City Assessor
Contact No. (047) 222-2666
Email (   )
Maintains a systematic and updated record of real properties and undertakes continuing general revision of property assessment.

City Social and Welfare Development Office Ms. Genia R. Eclarino – City Social
Welfare Officer
Contact No. (047) 222-9491
Email ( )
Promotes social development through livelihood creation; care, protection, and rehabilitation of persons with disability, the elderly, and children in conflict with the law; provision of assistance to disaster victims in times of calamities; and capability building of women, children and youth.

City Health Department           Dr. Arnildo C. Tamayo – City Health Officer
Contact No. (047) 224-1628
Email (  )
Provides medical, dental and nursing care to the community through the operation of various barangay health centers and enforces health and sanitation standards.

James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital               Dr. Arturo E. Mendoza, Jr. – Chief of                                                                              
Contact No. (047) 223-7571 to 75
Email ( )
Provides therapeutic, diagnostic and hospital services, including pharmaceutical, laboratory, radiologic, nursing and auxiliary services to both out-patients and inpatients.

City Nutrition Office         Ms. Richel Eve Torralba – City Nutritionist
Contact No. (047) 224-1628
Email (  )
Promotes rehabilitation of malnourished children through supplemental feeding and nutritional care; pursues plans and programs for the reduction of cases of malnourishment in the community in coordination with various public and private sectors.

Office of the City Veterinarian       Dr. Arnold Lopez – City Veterinarian
Contact No. (047) 222-3301 local 4159
Email (  )
Pursues the development of livestock and poultry industry to help provide food security and as source of income and provides professional assistance to the public in the care and custody of their domestic pets.

Market and Slaughterhouse         Dr. Arnold Lopez – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 222-5325
Email (  )
Operates and manages the Olongapo City Public Market and the City Slaughterhouse in terms of its operation, revenue generation, maintenance and other inherent functions.

Engineering Department    Engr. Roberto E. Alvarez – City Engineer
Contact No. (047) 222-3401; 224-8390 local 4135
Email (  )
Performs engineering and surveying functions, including construction, repair and maintenance of public infrastructure in the City.

Environmental Sanitation and              Mr. Dante P. Ramos – Head, ESMO
Management Office  
Contact No. (047) 223-4538 (Lorie); 224-9346 (ext office)
Email (  )
Protects and manages the proper utilization of the  Olongapo environment and natural resources; pursues with vigor sustainable programs and projects related to environment and ecosystems such as solid waste management, air and water pollution and watershed protection.

General Services Office         Engr. Victor S. Bernabe – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 222-2699
Email ( )
Acts as custodian of all city properties and assets; procures supplies, materials and equipment for various offices and collate and disseminate information regarding prices, shipping and other costs of supplies and other items commonly used by LGU.

Office of the Civil Registry    Ms. Keren G. Cajudo – City Civil Registrar
Contact No. (047) 224-3976
Email ( )
Maintains and updates records of births, deaths, marriages and status of persons in the City; issues corresponding certifications.

City Disaster Management Office         Mr. Angelito B. Layug – Head, DMO
Contact No. (047) 224-7846
Email ( )
In charge of disaster management operations and conducts continuous capability reinforcement training in the various barangays, schools and other sectors/institutions in the City.

Office of the City Agriculturist Mr. Jhoval Sebarrotin – City Agriculturist
Contact No. (047) 222-2565
Email (  )
Prepares and implements an integrated agriculture development plan for the City; promotes appropriate agricultural technology to maximize utilization of areas for production and in-charge in the development and maintenance of all parks and plazas.

Office of Management Information            Engr. Noel Yap – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 224-2370
Email ( )
Takes charge of the computerization of various city government offices and functions and installation and maintenance of computer software and hardware.

Public Employment Service Office                     Atty Batch Perez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Officer
Contact No. (047) 224-8390 local  4168                                                                          
Email (  )
Serves as the employment, manpower development and job placement arm of the City government.

Olongapo City Public Library   Ms. Elizabeth J. Daduya – City Librarian
Contact No. (047) 611-0437
Email ( )
Provides library services, including selection, acquisition and organization of library materials and dispenses assistance to library users.

City Population Program Office Ms. Virginia G. Navarro – Population
Contact No. (047)222-5401 local 4136 Program Officer
Email ( )
Takes charge of population program management by promoting a balance population resource and environment; provides family planning services among married couples and other target groups.

City Tourism Office           Ms. Lorelei S. Montoya – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 224-1471
Email (  )
In charge of the city tourism promotions and management of the City, including the preparation and publication of city brochures and coordination with various public and private stakeholders.

Livelihood and Cooperative    Ms. Aileen C. Sanchez – Officer-in-Charge
Development Office
Contact No. (047) 222-5401 local 4123
Email ( )
Serves as livelihood development arm of the City Government and provides assistance in the formation of cooperatives among concerned sectors in the community.

Human Resources and Management   Ms. Angie S. Barroga – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 222-2559
Email ( )
Establishes a sound recruitment and personnel selection system within the City government; assists and advises the City officials in the development, formulation and execution of policies, rules and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the Civil service laws and rules; provides inputs in the development and implementation of human resources training and development programs and maintains a complete and up-to-date personnel information system.

Gordon College      Prof. Arlida M. Pame – College President
Contact No. (047) 224-2089
Email (  )
Provides post-graduate and graduate studies and extends professional and research
assistance to various City departments and offices as required. Public Utility Department          Engr. Luisitio M. Lopez – General Manager
Contact No. (047) 222-2659; PUD Pag-Asa Station 222-3015
Email ( )
Manages the physical and financial operations of the power utility of the City Government.

Office of Traffic Management and              Col Jose A. Aquino, Jr. (Ret) – Officer-in-                                                                                                                            
Public Safety                          Charge
Contact No. (047) 224-5297; 224-4775
Email (   )
In charge in the management of traffic in the major thoroughfares of the City and provides security services to various government offices and facilities.
Olongapo City Convention Center              Mr. Marlon F. Bravo – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 224-1468
Email ( )
In charge in the operation and maintenance of the Olongapo City Convention Center as a revenue generating center of Olongapo and supports the tourism thrust of the City in terms of convention packages, meetings and other ceremonies and occasions.

Philhealth Assistance Office  Mr. Rizalino Jose – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 222-5401
Email (  )

Urban Basic Services Office  Mr. Randino Ledesma – Officer-in-Charge
Contact No. (047) 223-1135
Email (  )
Provides on-site and off-site and auxiliary services to the urban poor sector of the City.