Saturday, November 14, 2009

Olongapo City Directory - Department Heads


Mr. Delfin A. Juico, Jr Secretary to the City Mayor 222-2665
Mr. Fernando Magrata City Administrator 223-9244
Ms. Elflida S. Salmon City Council Secretary 222-2661 loc. 4222
Mr. Marcelino D. Andawi City Treasurer 222-2607
Ms. Telma Timbol City Auditor 222-2608
Engr. Bobby Alvarez City Engineer 222-3301 loc. 4135
Ms. Marey Beth Marzan OIC, City Budget Officer 222-2560
Mr. Dennis Martinez City Accountant 224-8385
Mr. Oscar Agustin City Assessor 222-2666
Dr. Arnieldo Tamayo City Health Officer 224-1628
Atty. Angelito R. Orozco City Legal Officer 222-2552
Eng’r Louie Lopez PUD Department 222-2659
Ms. Genia Eclarino CSWD Officer 222-5201
Eng’r Marivic Nierras OIC, City Planning Officer 222-2845
Ms. Keren G. Cajudo City Registrar 224-3976
Mr. Dante Ramos ESMO 2234538 / 2249346
Mr. Vic Viscocho P.A.O. Loc 4211
Ms. Angie Barroga Personnel Office 222-2559
Mr. Neal Perez Business Permit 222-2553
Ms. Lorela “Lie” Montoya OIC, Tourism Office 222-8492
Mr. Eliseo De Guzman City Director, DILG 222-5471
Dr. Arturo Mendoza Chief, JLGMH 222-2867
Psupt. Oscar Albayalde City Director, Phil. National Police 222-5731
Fire Marshal Jonas Silvano Chief, Fire Protection Bureau 160 / 223-2497 / 222-3310
Engr. Victor Bernabe GSO 222-2669
Dr. Louisina Cacho JLGMH Administrator 222-2867
Mr. Angie Layug Rescue Officer 224-7846
Ms. Arlida M. Pame Gordon College President 224-2089
Ms. Elizabeth Daduya City Librarian 224-8634
Mr. Noel Yap MIS 224-2370
Mr. Col. Jose A. Aquino, Jr TMB 224-5297
Hon. Emiline Fe M. Delos Santos City Prosecutor 222-2652
Mr. Virginia Navarro POPCOM Officer 222-4003
Ms. Aileen Sanchez Livelihood Officer
Mr. Marlon F. Bravo OIC, Convention Center 224-1468

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  1. Dear Editor,

    The Chinese Translation of the name Olongapo should be wriiten as:

    Wu Long Jia Po

    (I shall give you the Characters of these five words)

    Meaning: Five Dragons Riding the Waves

    A city with five Dragons riding the waves is going to be a very very auspicious Name and shall bring fast properities to the City itself and to all the very nice residents in it!!!

    My name is Tennessee, I am from Singapore.
    My email is:

    I am staying in the SBMA area, shall be leaving Subic in a week's time.

    Good lucks to Subic Bay